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Custom Trailstop Order template changes randomly?!?

I have a custom order template I setup on active trader with a 5c trailing stop loss and if I click around on my watchlist and change tickers the trailing stop offset will change from -5c to -1.00. If I pull the dropdown and reselect the template again it will change back to -5c.
I had support do a screenshare and they basically just said that looks weird and they had no idea what the issue was.... anyone have this problem? is there a fix? I reinstalled thinkorswim and setup a new workspace from scratch and still same issue.
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Is it possible to add a custom order template to the “Template:” drop down list in active trader?

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Trading forex with Thinkorswim platform, how to set up conditional orders for protection?

I started playing around with trading forex. I use TDameritrade thinkorswim plateform. Let me give a scenario and perhaps you can help me:
Let's say I want to short GBP/USD. I first put a market sell order and get in at 1.22. I think it will go down so I put in a buy limit order at 1.2, hoping to make a profit of 0.02 in the trade when GBP/USD goes down. However, to protect myself from a potential significant loss, I also would like to put in a buy stop order at 1.24 (so if it goes up instead of down as I am predicting).
How do I put in these two orders so that if one is triggered, the other order will be voided? I hope I am clear, any advice would be appreciated.
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Custom order template while buying stock but can't find it when trying to buy options?

I must be missing something basic. Help? Using desktop, custom order template is there to use in drop down when I am buying stock. If I want options, I can't find it...? I am pulling up buying parameters with an option and there is no "custom template" showing up in any dropdowns.
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Forex Scam Alert:Scammers pretending to be CLSA Premium trading platform ask customers to pay 30% of their account balance as margin in order to release their account restrictions. This is a scam, beware!

Forex Scam Alert:Scammers pretending to be CLSA Premium trading platform ask customers to pay 30% of their account balance as margin in order to release their account restrictions. This is a scam, beware!
According to the investor's complaint, he invested by downloading the "CLSA Premium" app recommended by an online friend.
On June 3, he applied for a withdrawal, but the $2820.83 in his account could not be withdrawn until now.
The customer service of the fake CLSA Premium first told him that "the consumption did not reach the withdrawal standard", and then said that the funds he topped up were suspected of money laundering, so his account was partially restricted and he needed to pay a deposit of 30% of his account balance before he could apply for release of the restriction.
Complaint details:\_US/complaint/8390.html\_US/complaint/8400.html
It is clear that the investor has encountered a fraudulent broker.
CLSA Premium's official website does not offer their APP product, but trading through MT5. The investor downloaded the fake trading platform APP and the invested funds went into the pockets of the fraudsters.
Moreover, the so-called "suspected money laundering", "account restrictions", "margin payment" and so on are all the serial traps designed by fraudsters to extract more funds from investors, and such traps are very common.
Reminder: Generally speaking, it is up to the regulator to determine whether an investor is suspected of money laundering. Brokers can report suspected money laundering activity to the regulator, but are not authorized to demand fees from clients on the basis of suspected money laundering. Those trading platforms that ask for fees from clients on this basis are essentially scams.
In addition, others that require clients to pay additional fees (such as taxes, margin, channel fees, etc.) in order to withdraw funds are also scams. Investors are advised to keep your eyes open and stay alert.
FxGecko reminds you that you should always be cautious when you come across investment opportunities that promise high returns with little or no risk. These are likely scams.
You should "ask, check and confirm" before investing. You can check the broker's qualification information and complaints on FxGecko's website to avoid any potential scams.
You can also expose forex / crypto scams on FxGecko, FxGecko will do everything in its power to help you and expose scams, warn others not to be scammed.
Welcome to join FxGeckoAPP community, which is regularly updated with information on the Forex market and trading brokers, as well as issues of investor complaints against brokers. Keeping a regular eye here will help you improve your market acumen and avoid common investment scams.
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How do I create/add custom order templates to Active Trader?

I have plenty of custom order templates for the regular order entry tab but wondering if I can use them in active trader? Not seeing them in the 'template' drop down. Thanks
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Forex Scam Alert:Scammers pretending to be CLSA Premium trading platform ask customers to pay 30% of their account balance as margin in order to release their account restrictions. This is a scam, beware!

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(art by me) hey! I have 5 slots for pre ready halloween template below! Prices are in the image for customizations. Would you like to order? Leave the "UP" to help.

(art by me) hey! I have 5 slots for pre ready halloween template below! Prices are in the image for customizations. Would you like to order? Leave the submitted by thaisuu to furry [link] [comments]

Bloomberg Terminal is no more. OpenBB Terminal 2.0 has just been released.

Bloomberg Terminal is no more. OpenBB Terminal 2.0 has just been released.
Almost 2 years ago, I started building my own investment research platform. 2 months later I named it Gamestonk Terminal, made it open source and shared it on Reddit. The rest is history.
OpenBB Terminal (previously Gamestonk Terminal)
Since, we surpassed 17,800 stars on Github. Raised $ 8.8 million in our seed round. Build a very competitive team and our OpenBB brand is now recognized by most in the financial space. You can read more about our story here.
Our mission to democratize investment research has not changed. Over the past few months we have been heads down and building and today I’m excited to share with you the announcement of OpenBB Terminal 2.0.
The headline is:
OpenBB Terminal 2.0 is more than an application, it’s a platform.
A summary:
  • We are releasing OpenBB SDK which allows developers to use a single API to access world’s raw financial data in order to build their own products / dashboards.
The SDK will allow users to create report templates in a matter of minutes and run them for custom tickers at any time in a matter of seconds. Instead of spending hours and starting a report from scratch every single time. We envision a world where the community can share these and help each other at becoming better investors.
  • We are also bringing a state-of-the-art AI / ML toolkit to the financial industry, to be used alongside all the data sources our platform has access to (stocks, crypto, NFTs, options, forex, ETFs, mutual funds, macro economic data and even alternative data).
For more information, you can read our announcement here:
Or even better, watch the announcement live here! More than 1100 participants have already signed up to join us.
For anything else, feel free to reach out to me directly on Twitter, or join the OpenBB journey here.
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Too many Buy Custom order templates

Hi. I have amassed about 40 something Buy Custom order templates in my Thinkorswim.
Is there an easy way to clear them out besides deleting them one at a time, going through the Order drop-down menu?
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I know I can create a "custom order template", but is there a way that I can hot-key that template? If not, is there a way TOS defaults to buying my custom template?

I want to buy options on my TOS desktop client but I want to use a preset $$ amount, not preset # of contracts, and not a % of my portfolio.. I will be entering every play with the same dollar amount. I know I can create a custom template right now to do it, but I want to reduce the time it takes from decision to fulfillment.
Is this possible at all? I know with DAS trader I can create a custom script, but I don't have DAS due to being on a Mac.
Thank You.
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ThinkOrSwim Custom Sell Order Rejected (PLEASE HELP!)

This morning i submitted a sell custom order with stop that got rejected and i can't figured out way.. :(
I submitted a sell custom order with stop loss that went like this: Stop Sell 1000 shares of SNAP at 18.90 to open, with stop buy set at 19.25 to cover. As soon as this order was submitted it got rejected and i just can't figure out why. (The reason i chose Stop sell order is because the price at the time of my order submission was above 18.90, and i wanted to short at exactly 18.90) If anyone has any clue please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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I would like to make custom designs for friends and family with birth info of their children. I need a pattern to follow though. Is there a website I can order a pattern or template from?

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New Launch--Customize Your Own Product Package & Save it as a Template for Easy Ordering

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Help With Thinkscript in OnDemand and Thinkscript in Custom Order Templates

Couple of problems I've run into and hoping someone can help.
1) Thinkscript code in saved custom order templates will not save more than 200 characters.
I want to be able to easily apply my saved Thinkscript trades to other securities but my code is too long and isn't fully saved between orders.

2) I can't find any way to edit Thinkscript on conditional orders in OnDemand.
Can't backtest strategies if there is no way to apply the strategy in OnDemand.

If anyone knows any fix for these issues that would be awesome.
Thanks :)
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Custom order templates - possible?

Is it possible to create a custom order template?
I'm using mt5 with amp and trying to set a template with default profit and loss stop. Any suggestions?
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Latest techno set with Ableton. Using Softube Modular with a custom template for return routings to spontaneously change the fx order on the fly. Please check it out if you like (:

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Customize Order Template Selector Drop Down list, ToS

I have created 2 custom orders for options, how do I load them into my active trader Order Template Selector, all I see inthe drop down menu is SINGLE, OCO, TGR W/BRACKET, TGR W/ 2 WBRACKET and TGR W/ 3 BRACKET, but my custom templates are not listed and can't find how to load them here or customize this list, PLEASE HELP !!
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How do I quickly send a custom order template?

For example, I want to buy in on a stock on the 1 minute chart, so if I wanted to simply by the ask or do a normal bracket, I can use the active trader and be done in half a second.
But if I want a bracket order with just a stoplimit instead of the stop, it seems I would have to use a custom order template by right clicking the price I want, hovering over “buy custom”, then clicking on my custom order template. That has a good chance of making me miss the move.
How would I quickly invoke a custom order template at the current ask?
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Custom template sort order?

Is there a way to sort custom templates? As of right now, it seems there is no specific sort order - not alphabetical, not by date added or last used, nothing discernable.
Could anyone offer any insight on how I can sort my custom templates on the page where they are selected?
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Is it possible to create a custom order template?

I'm trading news and momentum. I want to be able to get into a trade very quickly once I find it. I would like to have this preset with a total purchase price (not number of shares), and with a set percent trailing stop. I would like to be able to type the name of a stock in on this template and market buy/sell.
Under active trader I can set a TRG w/ bracket with a trailing stop, but I can only choose share quantity from here. Is there a way to customize this further?
If I edit an order before submitting it I can change the quantity to total and have more advanced features, but it's seems that is only set per symbol.
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LF Plugin That Allows A Customer To Use An Online Designer To Edit Flyer, Brochure, Etc Templates I Create And Order Them (possibly through WooComm?)

Looking for a plugin that allows me to upload a design template, where the customer could replace photos, add text, etc. Would be ideal if it worked with WooCommerce, but doesn't need to.
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ThinkorSwim Active Trader Tutorial - YouTube How to Create a Thinkorswim OCO Order - Thinkorswim ... How To Place A Conditional Order By Creating An Order ... ThinkorSwim Stop Loss Order Template - YouTube Buy and Sell Confirmation Alert Setup for Think OR Swim Thinkorswim TOS Buy Orders and Custom Buy Orders - YouTube

Dana [email protected] Blogger 100 1 25, ... Download our special Forex Sentiment Indicator for free right now! MORE. THE BEST MACD INDICATOR (download for free) The only MACD indicator optimized to provide strong and high probability trading signals. In contrast with the usual MACD indicator, our MACD indicator is able to extremely effectively recognize when there is the right time to open orders, or if you shouldn't open any orders at ... Amber [email protected] Blogger 100 1 25, ... A Thinkorswim, parte da TD Ameritrade, oferece a mais avançada plataforma de negociação forex no mercado. Eles convenientemente permitem que você negocie forex, ações, futuros e opções de uma única conta. Através desta plataforma, o thinkorswim traz pacotes de gráficos e análise de qualidade profissional, e coloca-os nas mãos de clientes de varejo. Essas poderosas ferramentas são ... Jan 14, 2017 - Download thinkorswim papermoney indicators, strategies, scans, chart studies and more from See more ideas about Strategies ... These price zones should monitor every professional forex trader. There are many ways to trade the S/R zones and the indicator profitably. The most widely used strategies are: 1) Range trading - trade pullbacks. 2) Trade reversals as soon as supports become resistances or resistances become supports. 3) Take profits or set stop-loss based on support/resistance zones. For more information how ... Katie [email protected] Blogger 120 1 25, ... IMF member country data on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity in a common template and in a common currency (the U. Forex Factory provides information to professional forex traders; Interactive Trading. A fatwa issued by Saudi Arabia's top cleric prohibiting chess in Islam and equating it with gambling has caused a stir on social media. REQUEST) (REQUEST['version' '2016 ... FOREX é um corretor de Forex altamente regulamentado em toda a Europa e Ásia e ganhou recompensas para a melhor investigação e análise por FX Street para 2014 e 2015. eToro EUA é uma versão americana da famosa marca eToro. EToro faz aprender e dominar as habilidades de negociação Forex necessárias uma experiência divertida com uma interface gráfica e amigável, oferecendo uma ...

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ThinkorSwim Active Trader Tutorial - YouTube

Thinkorswim TOS Buy Orders and Custom Buy Orders - Duration: 28:49. Will To Trade 32,694 views. 28:49 . How To Find Powerful Option Trading Levels With This Indicator - Duration: 10:55. Steven ... Thinkorswim TOS Buy Orders and Custom Buy Orders join our free chat room, go to: 📈Squeeze Pro Discount: Check out this video on trailing stops if you want to know good strategies to move up your oco bracket orders... ThinkorSwim stop loss video on how to use the ThinkorSwim order template to customize your stop loss orders automatically.📚 Take our FREE trading courses her... ThinkorSwim active trader tutorial on how to use the ThinkorSwim order template to set up stop losses, oco's, watch level 2, and place instant trades. 🎈 Start ... How to improve your risk to reward and increase your winning rate (by using this one simple “trick”) Thinkorswim is an awesome platform which can greatly improve your trading through using conditional order, if you have the right conditions. Here's how you c...