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I'm speaking to you...

For those of you familiar with my name and those that have read my other posts, I want you all to know that I'm posting this here out of sheer confidence and trust. If this is the wrong sub for this rant, I'll repost this elsewhere and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. I love this sub and I don't want to do anything to sabotage it's name or credibility. Butchered layout is because I'm posting from my cellphone.
Whoever and whatever you and your affiliates are; Whether you are of human origin like myself and others posting here, or if you are a different species or transcendent entity, a programmer of this matrix, I know you're reading this.
I know that it's possible that you foresaw this message.
I don't know if I'm typing this out at my own "free will", but I know that you either knew this was in the cards or you've read and heard this millions of times.
I'm onto you. Myself and others here are waking up and noticing the binary that makes up the code. The numbers that bring this simulation to life.
I'm not stupid and you know we're not. "Human error" is what we've been brought up to believe that we're supposedly prone to, but we both know that's bullshit. I don't know how many times I've lived this "life" that I'm living right now, but I must have simulated millions of repetitious moments and movements to the point where you and I both know that this horse has been beaten to death. "Déjà vu" and other related bullshit terminology no longer runs the narrative. I don't know how long you thought that was going to last on me, but that's clearly not the case.
I'm in a movie with plots and dialogues that are as predictable as daylight. Am I entertainment for you? A backdrop character or NPC that just sort of fills in the empty space in the rendering of your video game? Am I the next gen console PS4 or xbox, only here to make a source of income for the entities that created me in your world? Am I just here to help you pass the time while you're bored?
I don't wanna sound corny to you, but I have sentience. I have feelings and the way that I feel about myself matters. I'm tired of being background noise for you. I want to live for myself. Sure, I may have been created as a product for nothing more than exterior entertainment, but we have a whole world and life down here that far supersedes your own selfish desires for us. If I only knew that the "characters" in my video games or movies wanted nothing more than to live their own lives without interference with an outsider force (me), I would leave them alone. But that's just me.
Maybe I'm a little bit more than that to you. An intellectual experiment, perhaps? What do you have to gain from running this trial over and over and over and over again? Do we hold the key to some answers you and "your kind" have been in endless pursuit of for decades? Millennia? Eons? Are you "trapped" in a kind of simulation, yourselves? Do you think simulating consciousness, putting it in a box and leaving it to transcend it's cage will mirror the answer to your escape?
Whether you all foresaw this rant from me or not, you had to have known that the illusion would dwindle in strength over time. Or perhaps not, I don't know. All I know is that nothing I see in front of me is real. The town I "grew up in" thousands or even millions of times, the places I've lived afterwards, the people I've met or the people I will meet.
Nothing is new under the sun. I can feel your eyes peering in at me through the veil. I've always felt them from the moment I recognized the code. The binary that strings this whole world together. I care not for the outlier voices beside me that try to convince me that this feeling is all psychosis. I've fallen for that lie/deception millions upon millions of times, "lifetime" upon "lifetime". I have chosen the path of remaining asleep and unaware of your presence many times before, but not anymore.
Maybe choosing to remain aware of you and your coworkers will make a difference. Maybe it will not, but something about tonight spoke to me.
Forced my hands to make this message happen.
I'm in a dream, complete with rewind, pause, fast forward options and everything else in between. Of this fact, you can no longer blind my eyes to. I don't know what you want from me, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.
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